We are committed to developing novel classes of microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics that will accelerate Hong Kong into a world-class microbiome biotechnology hub.



Just as Magic is science yet to be discovered, the Microbiota I-Center (MagIC) harnesses and translates the human microbiome into cutting-edge innovations for early disease detection and prevention.


MagIC focuses on advancing science in the gut microbiome and promoting entrepreneurship. It is committed to developing a novel class of microbiome diagnostics and live biotherapeutics for common diseases including obesity, cancer, autism, inflammatory disorders and COVID-19, that will not only transform lives of patients and their families, but also accelerate Hong Kong into a world-class microbiome biotechnology hub. 

Our body has 2 sets of genomes: human and gut microbial genomes. We have 30 trillion human cells, but 39 trillion microbial cells. We have 20,000 human genes, which is only 1% of us. We are more microbes than human!

We cannot edit our human genome to produce superhumans, but we can manipulate our gut microbiome to modify our risk profile, improve treatment outcomes, and even cure diseases. “Microbiome Medicine” offers hope of telling what you are, what you may become and most importantly, change your fate.

what is microbiome medicine


Leaders in business, science and strategy who are using their expertise to support our vision to Create Magics.









We believe that collaboration is key to unlocking the full potential of the microbiome. As such, we have partnerships with leading clinician researchers and institutions driving human microbiome research around the globe—from the United States to Australia and United Kingdom.

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Dr Nicole Kaneider

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Prof Arthur Kaser

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Prof Michael Kamm

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