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We seek to deliver therapeutic, diagnostic and production benefits in areas as diverse as cancer, immunology, public health and personalised treatment.


Turning Research Into Impact

Spin-out company

GenieBiome Limited

GenieBiome is established by a team of internationally renowned professors of medicine and clinician-scientists from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. They are among the global top echelon of researchers in the field of gut microbiome with strong academic standing and novel technologies.

90% of us are dominated by microbes in our bodies. GenieBiome pioneers the use of novel microbes as diagnostic markers and potential remedies for different diseases. With an exploding body of global research indicating that the gut microbiome plays a central role in health and disease, GenieBiome has rapidly positioned itself to be a leading force in the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics based on the gut microbiome. It combines cutting-edge and disruptive technologies into a pipeline that enables the prediction of early cancers and debilitating chronic diseases. 

Utilizing our unique in-house dataset and those from publicly available sources, we have identified novel microbes as reliable, non-invasive biomarkers and developed proprietary machine-learning algorithms that can accurately predict disease risk.  

Spin-out company
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